Work with me!


When: Set my own hours

How: Parties, vendor events, book fairs, fundraisers

When: Work primarily online, primarily out of the house, or any combo of the two


The additional income has given my family financial freedom by helpful us to achieve our debt free goal in far less time, and still enjoy holidays and vacations without sacrifices.


An unexpected perk has been the lifelong friendships I've forged over the years. I never expected I'd be surrounded by like-minded women with so much in common.


I mean, we do party for a living. What's more fun than that? I get to share my passion for raising readers and for books I love SO much, and make money doing it. 



How much does it cost to start my own book biz?

Getting started is actually VERY affordable! We have two kit options to get you started. The full kit is $99 includes 10 full-size books; the mini kit is $25! Both kits contain the following: a book credit to order books of your choice after closing your first party, 6 months of your website totally free, mini books (which make great doorprizes!), and supplies.

What's the monthly minimum to be a consultant?

0! I know, I couldn't believe it, either! That was the kicker for me - I'd heard too many stories of people over-ordering just to meet their sales quotas. But with Usborne Books & More, once a consultant, always a consultant! You can truly customize your biz to fit your wants and needs.

How many hours do you work every week?

My work schedule has varied so much in my 5.5 years. I've gone through periods of building it big to meet my full-time-teacher income goals, and I worked 25-30 hours/wk. I've also experienced deployments, big moves, new babies, etc. and worked far less. You can do two parties/week and work about five hours. It all depends on what you want to achieve!

What happens after I order my kit?

I am going to help you get started! We have a wonderful community of Facebook where you can meet other consultants, cheer for one another, get advice, and we have all of the training you'll need. Plus, I'm going to be your personal mentor for one-on-one help all along the way!