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A Loving Atmosphere

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

It’s almost time for Valentine‘a Day!

Lately I have been giving some thought to how busy we have been and how much there is to juggle with school, work, and a new baby. I dreaded decorating for Christmas because of the need to dig everything out, take the time to decorate, and then eventually dig the boxes back out to pack it up and put it all away.

But the thing is, once the decorations are up, we enjoy it SO much. It really helps us get into the spirit of the holiday, and that just feels good.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate our love for one another. And in such busy times, I felt that it will be a good reminder to slow down and make sure we are actually showing that love. Visual cues always help me, and a loving atmosphere sets the tone for loving actions.

If it’s the pulling out and putting away that keeps me from decorating, I thought, I’ll just head to Dollar Tree for decorations this year! So, I bring you the budget-friendly Valentine’s Day atmosphere. The banner, doilies, rose petals, and tablecloth were $1 each, so when the holiday passes, in the trash they do. My girls spent the morning fluffing the banner and decorating doilies. Now, not only do we have this beautiful place for our meals together, they beam every time they see their work.

We dug out some of our favorite “love” books, browsed some of them, and will leave them in our basket to continue perusing through the week.

I am not a super crafty mom, so this set up really works for us. Easy for me, fun and rewarding for them, and we all love the finished product.

Now, does anyone have a favorite {easy} Valentine’s Day craft? I did pick up a pack of construction paper while we were there. 😍

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