• Kristin Hankins

Renewing Interest in Books

Do you ever find that your kids have a few favorite books and lose interest in anything else in your home library?

One thing I do to keep my kids’ interest in checking out new books is stand a few up where they can face out. Kids DO judge a book by it’s cover. If they can see the cover, and it looks interesting, attractive or fun, it’s bound to come down. I try to rotate my books every week or two, and my kids ALWAYS notice right away. They will grab a book and get cozy with it for an hour! It’s kind of like meeting up with an old friend again.

Give this tip a try and then come back here and let me know how it goes for you! You don’t have to have a pretty reading book or anything. in our various homes, I’ve stood them on the kitchen counter, the tv stand, and even in the book shelves themselves (facing out). I’ve also used baskets in different rooms. Any way that kids can see the covers is all you need!

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