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Summer Reading Program Registration **OPEN**

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!! Yay! It's officially here! Our last day of school was Friday, and we are super excited to chill this July, maybe find some state parks we haven't been to, and do LOTS of reading.

Are you already thinking about summer plans, too?

Do you want to encourage a summer reading habit this summer, but aren't sure how?

Are your kids bummed because the library program's not going to be the same?

I've got you covered!

2020 Summer Reading Program Registration is here!!

Participation in this program involves:

  1. Reading (or being read to) for 30 minutes per day for two weeks.

  2. Collecting pledges from friends, neighbors, and relatives who will support your child/children’s reading. This could be any amount that the donor wishes. (For ex. $.50 per minute read or even a flat $20 for reading a set amount of minutes.)

  3. Turning in pledges at the end of your program via Paypal, debit card, or check. (Everyone can give their pledge money directly to you, and then you pay with a card. I can also invoice anyone who wishes to give a pledge with their credit or debit card.)

  4. Selecting reward books totaling 100% of collected pledges. BONUS BOOKS begin at $100 in pledges. Tax & shipping will be due (or can be deducted from pledges raised).

Reading efforts should be rewarded with brand new books. Then, we are feeding the newfound habit and providing a great supply of books to continue it with! WIN, WIN!

There are 3 sessions to choose from, and that's only the first. The sessions are:

  • June 29-July 10

  • July 13-July 24

  • July 27-Aug 7

You can pick whichever one is convenient for you! You can sign up to participate by clicking here.

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